Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ration Control Program

Once you have your family entered into the DBIDS program you will need to get them their RCP cards. This can all be done at Building 611 on CRC. RCP cards will take 48 to 72 hours to be processed. Once they are done you will pick them up at the same place.
While you are waiting for your RCP cards you can use a copy of your orders that have been stamped with your arrival date at the DBIDS desk. These stamped orders, along with your military ID will work for purchasing things at both the PX and the Commissary.
Also please know that during one of the first three months you arrive you can exceed your monthly commissary ration by 50% to account for household setup. If you are not sure what your limit is for your family size there is a list posted at each commissary.
Family size/ Commissary Dollar Limit/ Beer Limit
1 / $550 / 8 Cases
2 / $850 / 8 Cases
3 / $1,100 / 8 Cases
4 / $1,300 / 8 Cases
5 / $1,500 / 8 Cases
6+ / $1,800 / 8 Cases
There doesn't appear to be any limit on wine.
Liquor that is 20% or more alcohol by volume is also limited. These are a bit confusing so I will quote directly from the "Ration Control Flyer" I was given when we signed up. "Liquor sales are restricted to those personnel with ration control privileges and are rationed in terms of alcohol units. Liquor Ration Limits are based on family size with age 21 or older. One bottle (fifth, quart, or liter) is counter as one liquor unit. A 1.75 litre bottle of liquor is counted as two liquor units. Two pints of liquor are counted as one alcohol unit. Six miniature bottles or less of liquor are counted as one pint. 7-12 miniature bottles count as one unit of liquor. Excess units will be rounded up to the next full liquor unit for reporting purposes. Excess miniature bottles of liquor will be rounded up to the next full pint unit.
Liquor Limits: Individuals: 3 Units, Family: 5 Units.
*Note to receive the "Family" size ration, there must be two adults (age 21 or older) in the family. "
Ration card holders may check their own purchases at USFK J1 Data Management's PIMS-K website at

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